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Nina Rehfeld was born in Berlin, Germany in 1968 and enjoyed a bilingual education at Berlinīs German-American John-.F.-Kennedy-School.


Nina Rehfeld completed her education with an MA at Berlinīs Freie Universität, majoring in Sociology, Communication and American Studies. She taught Karate and self-defense and freelanced as a graphic designer before taking up a job at one of Berlinīs major daily newspapers, BERLINER KURIER in 1997, where she edited the media and cinema sections.


In 2000 Nina Rehfeld co-founded the freelancing office KulturBotschaft, Berlinīs first bureau for Arts and Culture journalism. Here she headed the film and media department and regularly published in BERLINER ZEITUNG, SPIEGEL ONLINE, HANDELSBLATT, FINANCIAL TIMES GERMANY and MARIE CLAIRE.


In October 2003 Nina Rehfeld left KulturBotschaft on the hunt for new horizons. After spending six months in New Zealand she is currently based in the United States and reports on media, social and cultural topics for major German news outlets such as FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG, BERLINER ZEITUNG, SPIEGEL ONLINE and HOERZU.


















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